Why We Make Terra Cotta Pendants

neroli blossomsWhen I discovered essential oils, it was love at first smell. I poured what money I could spare into my purchases to build up my own supply. I loved how essential oils made me feel when I opened the bottles and inhaled, but there was no affordable way to diffuse them. The electric diffusers were just too expensive. For the cost of one I could purchase 4-5 bottles of essential oils.

A diffuser pendant would have offered an affordable option. At the time, the company I was buying my oils from sold a necklace diffuser but it had the company logo on it. When I looked around my aromatherapy workshops I noticed the only people wearing those necklace diffusers were my fellow distributors. The customers and would-be-customers did not want to walk around wearing an advertisement for a company – and who could blame them?

My thinking was this: if we could create diffuser pendants with designs that said something about the consumer rather than about the company everyone would purchase them.

We quickly put together some rudimentary Terra Cotta Pendants to test the idea. When I offered them for sale at my next workshop, I was astounded at how quickly they sold. I immediately recognized two things:

1) Terra Cotta Pendants would enable new customers to start diffusing from their very first purchase of essential oils. They would ensure that everyone who had a bottle of essential oils would also have access to an affordable diffuser.

2) Terra Cotta Pendants could generate an additional income for Independent Distributors of essential oils. My subsequent workshops resulted not only in sign-ups but also in immediate cash from the sale of pendants. To that end, we set the price break for the wholesale price at only 20 pendants enabling the distributors to buy them at wholesale and sell at retail.

We also offer free shipping to Canada and the US, or 25.00 off the shipping costs for international customers, when their order is for 100 pieces or more. Distributors can get together with their upline and downline and combine their orders to achieve the free shipping.

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Photo credit: Starry Raston