Why Jocelyn Likes Terra Cotta Pendants – a Testimonial

10 of the beautiful Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklaces

We ran a Special recently where I asked people to tell us why they liked (or wanted to try) our aromatherapy necklaces, Terra Cotta Pendants, in order to claim the Bonus Pendants. (Are you on our Special Contacts List – you can receive the Specials too by getting on it here!) But I digress.

I expected short, simple responses like “They work great!” or “They’re effective essential oil diffusers!” So you can imagine how surprised and delighted I was to receive this beautiful email from Jocelyn.

Amidst a world of products mass-manufactured by machines or assembly teams, there is something endearing about the hand of a true craftsman (or craftswoman). Terra Cotta Pendants brings that sense of humanity back to art, and delivers something not just aesthetically pleasing in its simplicity, but also functional. Having used the portable diffuser pendants myself with a scent that I find revitalizing, I have managed to push through long and tiresome tasks or took a moment when feeling overwhelmed with worry to breathe deep, smell that zesty scent, and bring myself back into the moment. I control the scent, and its saturation so as not to overpower my own senses, or assault the delicate noses of those who pass me by.

But this practical view of a piece of art that actually does something is not all. The designs included are of a wonderful variety, from classic Greek Zodiac signs to beautiful images of nature, positive words, Chinese characters, spiritual symbols, and even letters from the mysterious futhark alphabet! A nice touch is the brief description and meaning of the symbol right on the product page. Some of them would make great conversation pieces, such as the silhouette of the modernized (or as I call it, family friendly) Kokopelli.

My final reason for liking Terra Cotta Pendants is it is a Canadian company. Prices are in Canadian Dollars, and I feel just a bit more patriotic buying from Canadian artisans. 

Thank you, Lori, for sharing your gift with the world.