What’s the Big Deal about Aromatherapy?

child smelling flowersMy introduction to aromatherapy came from a talk show where the guest was from England. She talked about Lavender oil, saying it was used in hospitals in Europe instead of sleeping pills. They would apply a drop to each pillow in the evening. She smiled as she regaled us with a feeling one had while inhaling this aroma in the halls.

It’s not the smell that greets you in our hospitals. Imagine if Lavender oil was used here instead of sleeping pills!

Lavender oil promotes a clearing of the mind and a calming, which contributes to a beautiful nights sleep. It is known for its sedating qualities. When you inhale pure lavender oil, you can’t help but feel better.

Aromatherapy oils make us feel good. Beautiful smells tend to do that just as unpleasant smells bother us. When you have a bottle of pure essential oils, you have “a bottle of feel-good.”

Essential oils can give your courage, grounding, clarity, energy, peace and much more. If you’ve ever opened a bottle of pure essential oil of Lavender and deeply inhaled that exquisite aroma, you know exactly what I’m saying. There are many other benefits of just Lavender alone but to me, it all boils down to one thing: aromatherapy makes you feel good!

To me, that’s a very big deal.

Photo credit: MicPink Sherbet Photography