What’s the Easiest Way to Build An Essential Oil Business?

adding a drop of essential oil to a Terra Cotta PendantI like to keep things simple. Finding the way to reduce a project to it’s simplest elements is sensible and time-saving. When building an essential oil business, the way to do this is to consider the goal.

The goal of building an essential oil business, apart from the generating of an income, is to introduce people to essential oils and their wonderful contribution to their lives. You can achieve this by doing one thing:

Give them a measurable experience of the benefits of essential oils

You can give your prospects a measurable experience of the benefits of essential oils by using the process outlined here. You use this process in one of two ways; at your essential oil workshops or during one-to-one meetings with prospects.

Prior to your Workshop email participants a copy of the Rating Form to be filled out and brought to your workshop. At the end of the workshop pass out blank forms again so that participants can complete them again. Then pass out their original forms and let them compare their answers. There will be a measurable difference in their numbers from before the workshop and after a couple of hours inhaling many essential oils.

During a one-to-one meeting with a prospect ask your prospect to complete the form, give or loan them a Terra Cotta Pendant with a selected essential oil on it to wear for the next 24 hours and meet with them 24 hours later to have them complete the form again.

In both situations, you will have given them a measurable experience of the benefits of essential oils. Now your job is to simply help them to process that experience.

Once your prospect is convinced of the effect essential oils have on them sign them up with a good assortment of oils to really get them started. Use the Wellness Consultation to help them analyze their needs and goals and put together a few monthly orders.

Remember to follow up with your new customers at regular intervals so you can answer questions. Always keep handy their Rating Form and the Wellness Consultation Questionnaire so you can inquire about different issues to direct the customer’s attention to progress in these areas. It is an interesting phenomenon that once a person feels better they often forget that they ever felt worse so they often don’t recognize how the essential oils that they have added to their healthy lifestyle have contributed to this positive change.

You can purchase Terra Cotta Pendants at wholesale (half) price when you order 20 or more.