The Perfect Essential Oil Diffusers for Children

Why do children love Terra Cotta Pendants?

Actually, we don’t know why children love Terra Cotta Pendants but all evidence points to the fact that they do. We think it is because children of all ages love essential oils and Terra Cotta Pendants are a great way to diffuse them into their breathing space. [Read: breathe them in all day long.] They are their own personal diffusers; who doesn’t love that? What a perfectly safe way for children to experience essential oils too!

Children, Terra Cotta Pendants–and School

Terra Cotta Pendants make diffusing at school easy. (This is why parents love them, this we know!) Even when the pendant is tucked inside a shirt, the benefits of the essential oils can be experienced. Think Peppermint for focus, Lavender for calming, Clove for cold and flu season.

We Believe their Smiles Say it All

child wearing a Terra Cotta Pendantteenager wearing a Terra Cotta Pendantchildren wearing Terra Cotta Pendantschildren wearing Terra Cotta Pendantschild wearing a Terra Cotta Pendantchild wearing a Terra Cotta Pendant

child wearing a Terra Cotta Pendant









child wearing a Terra Cotta Pendant