Terra Cotta Pendants – 4 Moving Stories

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I love it when we hear from customers and learn where our pendants travel, who they touch, and how they help people.

I first heard from Mary when she generously responded to the call I put out for people to put reviews on the site. I asked that people review their favourite pendant or car diffuser. Mary reviewed seventeen. I wrote to thank her, and she wrote back. These are the four moving stories she shared:


Dear Lori,

I want to let you know that I have given these pendants to many people since I placed the one wholesale order, which I kept for personal use. There have been three very special experiences that have occurred.  

One was a gift to our neighbor when he was in hospice. His family placed the Aries pendant around his neck and kept putting essential oil of frankincense on the pendant in the final days of his life. They found it very soothing as did he.  

I also gave one with the lavender on it to my aunt before she went into hospice. And, I gave her one of the flowers also. She used one for essential oil of lavender and one for peppermint and kept them in the house. She used the lavender a lot when she was in the final weeks of her life and, specifically mentioned it and thanked me for it when I was staying with her the last few days. I gave pendants to her daughter and granddaughters and all of them were wearing them in the final days of my aunt’s life.

And just recently, I gave a pendant to a friend who is undergoing chemotherapy. She loves the weight of it and wears it when she goes for her treatment.  Her daughter has asked me for one and I recently gave her one of the last I have in my stock so that she could also wear it. I have found that these are wonderful gifts with a small bottle of the appropriate essential oil for an occasion. 

On a fun note, I gave one of the runes to one of our nieces who liked it so much she went and got a tattoo of the symbol and still wears the pendant.

I’m down to my last two which are Cancer symbols, and so I need to order again soon. But, I do want you and your family to know that the pendants are being put to many good uses. They are a lovely weight, and have a really good feel to them, and are a nice quality.  And, they hold the oils beautifully.

So…thank you.

All the best,



Of course, I wrote again and thanked her for the time she took to write and share these beautiful stories. I asked if we could put her letter on our Testimonial page where others could see it and benefit from her ideas.

She wrote again:


Dear Lori,
It would be just fine to put them on the page.  
The size and weight of the pendants make them easily worn when someone is really ill and or transitioning to their new life.  
When our neighbor who had been wearing one of your pendants passed away, the family put more frankincense on the pendant and had his body cremated with it. His children were so grateful. They kept saying that it gave them a place to focus their energy for their dad. 
All the best to you and your family, 


Mary made my day. Through her generous and kind words, she showed me “There is value in the effort your family is putting into these pendants, and the value is that you have taken something of the earth and created material objects of beauty through which the plant and flower essence can radiate to the humans.”  I’m so grateful to her for sharing her Terra Cotta Pendant stories with us.


Do you have any Terra Cotta Pendant stories to share?
Perfect Photo by Wendell