Terra Cotta Diffuser Jewelry Beads

Calling All Crafters!

Terra Cotta Diffuser Beads are Now Available!!

Photo of Terra Cotta Diffuser Beads with rear view

Diffuser bracelets are all the rage today! How would you like to make your own beautiful and effective essential oil diffuser bracelet?

Well, at Terra Cotta Pendants, we can help!

In conjunction with our 15th anniversary, we introduced 13 different Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads you can use to make your own diffuser bracelets!

We’ve taken the messy part out of the equation and provided you with professionally-made, kiln-fired terracotta beads to complete your diffuser jewelry projects! We’ve even provided the packaging for your finished product. Each piece comes with a clear ziplock bag with a descriptive card to make your finished product ready for gift-giving.

Just add your own beads, cord and clasp and get creative!

Look closely at the photos and you can see how to weave the cord through the side and the back of the round pieces and through the front of the Arrow design.

Why Terracotta Beads are the Best Beads for your Diffuser Jewelry

Terracotta is the best diffusing medium because of the structure of the kiln-fired clay. When terracotta clay is fired in the kiln, the high temperature evaporates the moisture in the clay leaving tiny air pockets. These air pockets are receptacles that readily absorb essential oil. At the same time, the microscopic pores expose the essential oil to the air so that it slowly, consistently diffuses it into the air around it. See more detail about the quality of kiln-fired terracotta and how to diffuse with Terra Cotta Pieces here!

Contrast this to the large, visible pores of lava stones and you’ll see why kiln-fired terracotta is your best bet for your diffuser bracelets.

Come and See Your Options!

Visit the Shop to see 13 new professionally-made Terra Cotta Jewelry Beads  – and get crafting! And feel free to share your creations in the comments here!

Oh, one more thing, when you order 20 pieces or more, you get them for 50% off! This makes for a great opportunity to get together with friends and plan a crafting evening!