The Secret to a Successful Essential Oil Business

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What is the Secret to a Successful Essential Oil Business?

Promote consumption and facilitate a positive experience with essential oils. How? By ensuring your customers have affordable diffusers with their first purchase of essential oils.

Unless the essential oils are used, the benefits won’t be experienced! The successful marketer will both inspire the customer with the value of daily use and provide the means.


By ensuring each customer has an effective diffuser to go with his or her essential oils. And what might be the properties of this perfect diffuser for your customer’s first essential oil purchase?

  • it should be wearable
  • it should remind them to enjoy the oils on a daily basis
  • it should effectively diffuse into the person’s personal breathing space wherever they go
  • it should be affordable
  • and personal
  • and down-to-earth
  • and made of natural materials (earth, actually)
  • making it a perfect partner to essential oils!

Yeah, you know we’re talking about Terra Cotta Pendants.

Make Terra Cotta Pendants a Part of the Complete Package!

  1. Sell them at workshops and other training/promotion events
  2. Offer them as an incentive for signing up for an autoship program
  3. Give one an incentive for placing the order at the event
  4. Raffle one or two as door prizes
  5. Offer them at a discount when the prospect places an order

Did You Know?

The inspiration to make Terra Cotta Pendants came –  in 2003  –  from my experience as an Independent Distributor of essential oils.

After a few years in the business I recognized two things; 1) not many people were willing to buy an expensive diffuser after they’d just paid a lot of money for essential oils and 2) people tended to “save” their essential oils because they didn’t really understand how to use them.

So (to make a long story short) my family and I started manufacturing Terra Cotta Pendants.

I recognized the value in offering a diffuser necklace and often ended my workshops with lots of cash in hand from the sale of Terra Cotta Pendants. I wanted to help other Distributors to build their businesses too. We do this is by making them available at an affordable wholesale price when you buy only 20 pieces.

Bottom Line:

Selling essential oils is not enough. You must do more for your customer You must ensure your customer has a simple, effective and affordable way to diffuse those oils from the moment they get home and crack open the first bottle.

How have you used Terra Cotta Pendants to build your essential oil business?

Photo credit: ilovebutter