Relaxing Effects of Lavender Oil Revealed in this Study

a field of lavender

Essential oils have been studied frequently in the recent past. This study had the objective to;

“Investigate the effects of lavender oil on the central nervous system, autonomic nervous system, and mood responses in humans after inhalation.” 

We will admit to loving that the relaxing effects of Lavender oil were experienced when using essential oils through inhalation. But I digress. Let’s take a closer look at the study.

Twenty healthy subjects volunteered to participate in the study. Their blood pressure, heart rate, respiratory rate, and skin temperature were assessed to define the perimeters of their autonomic nervous system. Then the researchers asked subjects to rate their mood responses as feeling pleasant or unpleasant, uncomfortable, sensuality, relaxation, or refreshing.

To determine the effects of Lavender oil on the autonomic nervous system and mood responses, Lavender was mixed with a base oil of sweet almond for the “Lavender oil group” while the other group was given just the sweet almond base oil.

The results were exciting. Blood pressure, heart rate, and skin temperature decreased after inhaling the Lavender oil. The subjects in the Lavender oil group also reported feeling more active fresher and relaxed than the participants who only inhaled the sweet almond oil.

The researcher’s conclusion: “The findings provided evidence the relaxing effect of inhaling lavender oil.” But we knew that, didn’t we? See many more articles about the benefits of inhaling essential oil here and then pick up a Terra Cotta Pendant or two here so you can optimize your health in a simple and natural way!

Photo Credit: Sheila Sund