Why Are There So Many Different Prices for Terra Cotta Pendants?

3 girls diffusing with Terra Cotta PendantsThere are reasons why a company prices their products they way they do, but rarely does the customer know these reasons. I’d like to explain to you the reasoning (and some history) behind the many different prices of  Terra Cotta Pendants.

When we started the company in 2003 we set the prices for all pendants at 10.00 (Canadian) retail and 5.00 wholesale. We wanted to keep it simple. If you were with us in the early days you will recall the pendants originally came with lobster clasps.  Over the years we managed to keep the price at that level, despite inflation (even though shipping rates had to be adjusted) because we switched from the lobster clasp to the sliding-knot design and because changes in the exchange rates considerably lowered our costs for the cords. (This was when the Canadian dollar became stronger.)

When the economy took the big hit in 2008 we decided we needed to do something to make Terra Cotta Pendants pricing reflect the current economy. So we took a closer look our pricing in relation to the amount of clay needed and the amount of time it took to make each different shape pendant; the small round ones (like the Elements), the oval ones, (like the Flowers and Leaves) and the rectangular ones (like the Runes).

The Car Diffuser designs, Hope, Faith, Joy, Peace and Dream, when they were introduced had short cords and no knots. So even though they used more clay than the Elements, for instance, as they are 10% larger, we were able to keep the price at the same level as the Elements. But when, due to popular demand, we added a longer, sliding-knot cord to them to offer them as pendants as well (see them in the Word Category) we adjusted their prices to reflect the longer cord and extra labour. Recently we added magnetic clasps to the Car Diffusers and this adjusted their price.

There are many steps in the hand-making of each Terra Cotta Pendant. The fastest ones to make are the small round ones; the ones that take the most time to make are the Basketball, the Yin Yang and the Peace Symbol. If you look closely at these three you will see that, unlike the other designs, the cords do not go through holes in the front of the clay pieces but through painstakingly-fashioned holes through the top and out the back. We make them this way because we couldn’t see a way to put a hole in the front of the design without interfering with the beauty of it.

We offer a wholesale discount to anyone who purchases 20 pieces or more at present. This is for Independent Distributors and Retailers because Terra Cotta Pendants are natural and logical tools for essential oils; if you have an essential oil you want to also have a way to diffuse that oil.

Why do we offer this wholesale discount to anyone? If you love Terra Cotta Pendants enough to buy 20 of them, well, we just want to give you a better price. 🙂