New Basketball Fundraising Product

Basketball Fundraising Made Easy!

Preparing now for your Basketball Fundraising efforts? What if you had an impressive token of appreciation to give to the sponsor in exchange for their donation?

Introducing a Game-Changing Basketball Fundraising Product

The Basketball Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser design; a perfect basketball fundraiser

This hand-made Terra Cotta Basketball Pendant not only looks like a basketball, but it is also a beautiful way the sponsor can show his or her support of the team, courtside and everywhere else.

How Much Money Can this Raise for the Team?

The Basketball pendants wholesale for just $4.00 Canadian [CAD] each. If you buy 100 of them, you won’t even have to pay shipping fees. They can sell for an even $10 to everyone you and the players know. You can even sell them at the games!

So, let’s do some math. Say you buy 100 @ $4.00 each. That comes to $400.00 CAD. If you sell them for $10 each, you only need to sell 40 to cover your costs. Proceeds from the sale of the other 60 would net you $600.00. And that’s if you are in Canada.

If You Live in the US, for Instance, the Math is Different

This is because of the exchange on the Canadian dollar. As I’m writing, $400.00 CAD = $312.92 USD which means you only have to sell 31 Basketball pendants to cover your cost and the proceeds from the sale of the additional 69 would net you $690.00. (You can check out the current exchange rate here but keep in mind, the total may be a little different when it goes through your credit card.)

basketball pendant on a model

How Does It Work?

Give each player 10 Basketball pendants to sell to friends, family classmates and fans. They won’t take long to sell. Maybe you’ll need 200 or 300 Basketball Pendants! I’ll just leave it with you. Purchase the Basketball pendants here! When you go to the site, you’ll see the retail price of $8.00 CAD. The 50% wholesale discount will automatically appear in the Shopping Cart when you add the 20th Pendant.


The Basketball pendant, as you shall see when you visit the site, is also an aromatherapy diffuser. You can put a drop of essential oil on it and diffuse your way into the games. Or just wear it as it is. It’s up to you. 🙂