My Three Favourite Essential Oils!

It was my first purchase in 1997 and it’s still an essential oil I’d never be without; Lavender. I love Lavender not only for its aroma but for its calming properties. When I’m having trouble sleeping because my mind is racing, I put some Lavender on my pillow and it slows my mind so I can get to sleep. I’ve used Lavender for sore throats, or even for that little tickle which makes you cough and keeps you awake. Lavender has been used on burns around here too. It’s our go-to first aid essential oil for this.

Peppermint shares the stage in my home with Lavender. Peppermint is amazing for indigestion or even a slight nausea feeling. I put a drop in a glass tumbler and then fill with water. I use it for headaches and mental clarity. Peppermint wakes your mind and helps you to think more clearly.

Cassia is my #3, though this doesn’t mean it’s third. Cassia smells like Cinnamon on steroids. When I breathe it in I can’t help but feel happy. It’s as if I smell and taste it all at once. I believe I heard once that Cassia is the essential oil used to flavor those tiny cinnamon hearts we see in the stores around Valentine’s Day. Maybe this is partly responsible for the good feeling I have when I smell it.The way I use Cassia is to diffuse it on my Terra Cotta Pendant

To me, aromatherapy is all about feeling good – physically, emotionally, and mentally. This trio; Lavender, Peppermint and Cassia, covers all the bases.

What are your favourite three essential oils – and why?

Photo credit: One From RM