Lavender Massage and Inhalation Helps Burn Patients

Can Lavender Massage and Inhalation Help Burn Patients?

These researchers wanted to know if aromatherapy inhalation and massage could alleviate the stress associated with burns. The patients in this study had burns on less than 20% of their bodies, but they were in the hospital and they were experiencing anxiety and pain.

What The Researchers Wanted to Learn

The researchers wanted to know if aromatherapy could replace drugs in treating pain and anxiety symptoms associated with burns. So they conducted a single-blind clinical trial with 90 burn patients.

What They Did

First, they used tools to measure their anxiety and their pain. They ensured that all 90 patients were equal at the baseline (before the trial) in terms of demographics, disease characteristics, and scores of anxiety and pain. Then they randomly divided them into three groups: aromatherapy massage, inhalation aromatherapy, and control group.

The Trial

The patients in the aromatherapy massage group were given a massage for 30 minutes. Lavender and almond oils were used in the massage.

The patents in the inhalation aromatherapy group were given a blend of rose and lavender aroma to inhale.

The control group were not given any aromatherapy treatments.

What They Learned

“The study results showed the positive effect of aromatherapy massage and inhalation aromatherapy compared with the control group in reducing both anxiety and pain of burn patients. Therefore, both interventions, which are inexpensive, and noninvasive nursing tasks can be proposed for alleviating anxiety and pain of burn patients.” Read the abstract of the study here!

My Observation

If 30 minutes of aromatherapy massage or inhalation can help people in the aftermath of a burn accident with their anxiety and pain, imagine how much it can help us during ordinary times of minor pain and anxiety!


Photo Credit: Chris Gin