Lavender and Colicky Babies

babyThere is much research being done on the efficacy of essential oils. Recently I read an interesting study about colicky babies and Lavender. Babies who were assessed as having colic were given massages on their tummies by their mothers to see if Lavender could help with this condition. Researchers concluded, “The use of aromatherapy massage using lavender oil was found to be effective in reducing the symptoms of colic.” You can read the complete study here!

This got me thinking about all the possibilities suggested by this study.

1) Just the act of touching the baby with gentle massage could elicit a soothing response from the baby.

2) The aroma of the Lavender would also have an effect on the moms who were doing the massage.

3) The attention given to the child, the time spent with the baby must also be taken into account.

It doesn’t matter. The end result is the same. Isn’t it nice to know a gentle massage with Lavender is effective enough to soothe even a colicky baby? I wonder if this means it could soothe an anxious toddler. What about a troubled teen?

Couldn’t we all use a soothing Lavender massage at times?

Lavender is the essential oil I give with the Footprints pendant to new moms and dads so they have a good head start in the soothing department!

There are many other benefits of Lavender! too!

Baby Photo credit: Christina Rutz