How to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

The Hope Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklace

Why We Use Terra Cotta Clay

Terra cotta clay is the perfect diffusing medium for essential oils. Kiln-fired terra cotta clay is a very hard porous substance with tiny air pockets throughout. These air pockets hold the oil and slowly release it into the air around the pendant creating an oasis of aroma in the wearer’s personal breathing space.

How to Apply Essential Oil to the Pendant

To diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant, simply tip one drop of essential oil onto the surface (the front – not the back) of the clay. Wait until the oil has been completely absorbed before wearing the pendant. (If the oil is “pooling” it will drip onto your clothing when you pick it up.) Instructions for using Terra Cotta Pendants are on a small card that comes with each pendant–and here.

When Do You Add More Essential Oil?

Once the pendant has been diffusing for a day or so use your nose to detect how much essential oil remains. If you feel you want to apply more oil simply smear a bit onto the pendant. Adding too much essential oil or adding it too frequently will cause the pendant to become saturated (the air pockets so full of essential oil that they cannot hold any more). If it takes a long time for the oil to become absorbed into the terra cotta this is what is happening.

How Long will One Drop of Essential Oil Diffuse?

Generally speaking, one drop will diffuse for one to two days before more oil is needed. Also, keep in mind that our noses (and our brains) become accustomed to the aroma and eventually stop registering it persistently. If you have ever had the experience of meeting someone at the end of the day, when it seemed you could not smell what was on your Terra Cotta Pendant, and they commented on how wonderful you smelled, this is why.

The length of time it takes to diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant varies depending on the viscosity of the oil. For instance, oils like Lavender and Peppermint will flash off fairly quickly while more dense oils like Jasmine and Myrrh will take longer to escape from the tiny air pockets. Note: it is not recommended that you diffuse blends with an excessive amount of carrier [fatty] oil as the carrier oil will clog the pores of the clay. Don’t worry if you have already done this (or if your Terra Cotta Pendant has become soiled), you can clean it by following the instructions here.

Can You Diffuse a Different Essential Oil with the Same Pendant?

If you want to diffuse a different oil wait until most of the first oil has flashed off or use a second Terra Cotta Pendant. If you have only one pendant and continue to apply different oils to it, over time you will create a sort of signature scent for yourself, comprised of your favourite essential oils. The essential oil which has been added last, however, will produce the strongest aroma.

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