The Essential Tool for Essential Oil Marketers

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Are You Marketing Essential Oils?

When I was an independent distributor of essential oils I noticed that, repeatedly, people asked the same question; “But how do you use the oils?!”

My Two-fold response:

First I developed a workshop exclusively dedicated to teaching people how to use the oils.

Second I provided inexpensive wearable diffusers, Terra Cotta Pendants. I knew diffusing was a great way for my customers to derive the benefits from essential oils but I noticed that many new users of essential oils didn’t want to spend money on an expensive diffuser.

Now I had two things in play – a workshop format which taught how to use the oils according to different schools of aromatherapy and a necklace diffuser they could purchase so they could begin diffusing with their very first bottle of essential oils.

What makes Terra Cotta Pendants the Essential Tool for Essential oil Distributors?

Not only do they help Independent Distributors encourage new customers to form a healthy habit of daily diffusing, Terra Cotta Pendants can be used as conversation starters, for door prizes, as gifts, incentives, rewards and to offset the costs of venues etc.

Bottom Line: 6 Ways To Use this Essential Business Building Tool

1) Get new customers diffusing with their very first purchase and encourage every-day use.
2) Use them for door prizes at your events.
3) Give them as gifts, or offer them at a reduced rate, to people who sign up at your meetings.
4) Use them as rewards to encourage downline and acknowledge their successes.
5) Use them as ice-breakers/ conversation starters.
6) Sell them to cover venue costs for meetings hall rentals, refreshments, health show booth costs.

We set a very low price break (you only have to buy 20 units to qualify for the wholesale price) to make it an affordable tool for essential oil distributors. Check it out today!

Photo credit: Marg