How to Use Essential Oils for Healing Work

essential oils for healing

Essential Oils for Healing My Family and Me – and My Clients!

I knew essential oils were wonderful for healing myself and my family. This is what drew me to them in the first place. I loved that when you had a problem you could reach for an essential oil rather than a pill.

Just last night my throat was feeling funny. I smothered Clove oil on it and went to bed. I woke feeling absolutely fine.


Essential Oils in the Healing Room

When I started my Reiki practice my essential oils naturally gravitated into the Healing Room with me. Intuitively, I know which oil to use for each client at each phase of the treatment. There is no question about whether or not essential oils add another dimension to the healing process. They do. They relax the client and bring just the right energy into play. They support what I am doing, perfectly blending with the other healing tools I use.

At times I receive clues as to what is really happening with a client emotionally by the oils I am intuitively led to use. Since I was familiar with the properties of the oils, I knew intellectually, as well, which ones could apply. Sometimes it is hard to know how much of my oil choice is based on intuition and how much of it is based on knowledge and experience.

How to Use Essential Oils During a Healing Treatment

There are various different ways you can use essential oils for healing depending on which healing modality you are using.  In my Reiki treatments I allow the oils to affect the client via inhalation.

I select the oil and put a drop on my palm and then rub my palms together until they are “dry”. Then I do the work. When another essential oil is called for, I simply repeat the process. As the session unfolds it becomes clear why my intuition has led me to the oils I’ve used. Amazing!

Do you use essential oils in your healing work? Which oils do you use and how?

Photo credit: Amiluz Conde