Essential Oils and Stress: a Simple Stress-Busting Technique

essential oils and stress

Essential oils and stress typically do not occupy the same space!  Essential oils can be your complete Stress First-Aid Kit. Combine them with a powerful grounding exercise in this Stress-busting Technique.

The Stress-busting Technique

This simple technique combines essential oils, breathing and grounding to calm you in minutes.

1) Choose an essential oil with an aroma you love, one that makes you feel good, put a drop on your palm and rub your palms together until your hands feel dry.

2) Put your palm over your heart chakra – at the centre of your chest and take a deep, slow breath through your nose.
Blow that air out slowly through your mouth and as you do imagine that you are sprouting roots at the soles of your feet and that these roots are going deep into the earth.

3) Inhale again bringing up soothing, bracing, healing energy from the earth via those roots. Allow this energy to completely fill your body.

4) Exhale and drain all stress and anxiety into the earth via the roots, knowing the earth will cleanse this energy.

Repeat the steps until you are feeling calmer.

This technique grounds and calms you. When you are grounded you are in your power where you are more capable of thinking clearly and making wise choices. Now you can deal with stress effectively.

Essential oils have been studied and found effective in reducing anxiety for people preparing for surgery. If they can handle that, they can handle much of what life throws at us.

If your stress seems to be ongoing, diffuse your essential oil on a Terra Cotta Pendant. Use the Rating Form on this page to measure the effectiveness of each oil you use until you find the oil that best calms and grounds you.

Photo credit: Mae Chevrette