Essential Oil Marketers! Two Things You Need to Do To Build Your Business!

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Are you an Independent distributor of essential oils? Take these two actions after the first sale to ensure that first bottle won’t be their last.

– Build your business by encouraging daily use of essential oils

– Build your business by showing your customers how they are benefitting from daily use of essential oils

This article will show you how to do both simply and elegantly. 🙂

1) Encourage Daily Use of Essential Oils

Once you’ve convinced someone to buy essential oils you need to make it your first priority to ensure they use the oils. Have you ever run into a customer who said they still had “some of that Lavender” left, in the bottle they bought from you a year ago! This happened to me far too often before we created this marketing tool. I’m talking about Terra Cotta Pendants, of course. The tool that ensures customers use their essential oils to the very last drop — and then buy another bottle. 🙂 Terra Cotta Pendants do this by making diffusing essential oil inexpensive and simple;

  1. In the morning apply a drop or smear of essential oil to a Terra Cotta Pendant
  2. Wear the Terra Cotta Pendant all day
  3. Repeat the on the following day

Daily use will ensure that your customers will experience benefits from the essential oils they purchased. If your customers don’t experience the benefits they won’t continue to use their essential oils and they won’t need to buy more. 

2) Demonstrate the Benefits of Using Essential Oils

But it’s not enough that they use them. It’s not even enough that they experience the benefits. They need to see that using essential oils is having a positive impact on their lives. You need to show them this.

On our group conference calls, we all talked about the essential oils we were using. Often someone mentioned a benefit they were experiencing, say less fatigue, and another person would say, “Wow! I’ve been less tired too since I started diffusing Peppermint!” They weren’t aware of the benefit they were enjoying until someone mentioned it. We can’t leave things like this to chance. To make sure your customers are fully aware of the benefits of the oils, use this Rating Form.

If someone uses essential oils daily (assuming they are using high-quality essential oils) they will enjoy the benefits. Offering an inexpensive, practical and effective Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklace with the very first purchase will start this process. Now you only need to schedule a follow-up visit within a few days to make sure they see the benefits they are receiving.

Terra Cotta Pendants Help You Build Your Business!

When I held workshops to teach people how to use the oils Terra Cotta Pendants were front and centre. I offered one as a door prize (a way to introduce them), I said, “If you don’t win you can buy one tonight at a discount.” (to encourage immediate action) and I used it to explain the inhalation method of using essential oils (enjoy inhalation with a diffuser necklace that diffuses them into your personal breathing space).

At the end of the workshop, they bought Terra Cotta Pendants for themselves and they bought them for family members and friends. They purchased Terra Cotta Pendants before their essential oils even arrived in the mail but when they did arrive, they were ready for them. They had a diffuser they could wear; they had an easy way to begin immediately to use the essential oils they’d ordered. 🙂

Terra Cotta Pendants are made from the most effective diffusing material. Terracotta absorbs essential oil into its many microscopic pores; it holds the oil there and gently releases it into the air around it. Putting one of these in the hands of a new customer is the simplest and most effective way to get them started and that helps you to build your business one happy customer at a time.

You can purchase Terra Cotta Pendants at the wholesale price (50% off the retail price) when you buy only 20 pieces, and sell them at your events. Add Terra Cotta Pendants to your essential oil marketing kit. And if you tell us how you found us, you can receive a Free Pendant with your first order! Details here!