Creative Ways to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

Phil wearing a Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklace










Terra Cotta Pendants were made to be worn, but that’s only one way to use them to diffuse essential oils! Terra Cotta Pendants can freshen your home and office in a number of creative ways.

Here are some ideas!

gift tie

Tie one to a gift, especially a gift containing essential oils!













Freshen up the kids room, or diffuse Lavender for a calm evening.










Diffusing in the kitchenb!

Hang one in your kitchen to freshen the air after cooking!










diffusing around family treasures

Tuck one into family treasures!











diffusing essential oils at work

Diffuse by your computer for mental clarity!












Diffuse in your bedroom for a good nights’ sleep!










How do you diffuse essential oils with your Terra Cotta Pendant?