How to Diffuse Essential Oils Inexpensively

3 girls diffusing with Terra Cotta Pendants

What is the best way to diffuse essential oils inexpensively? There are many different ways to diffuse essential oils. Essential oils, by their very nature, assist greatly in the diffusing process because they are naturally volatile which means they are a substance that easily evaporates at normal temperatures. But what is the simplest, most inexpensive way to diffuse essential oils? You know we have an idea about that 😉

Open the bottle

That’s right. When you open a bottle of pure essential oil the essential oil will naturally waft up into your breathing space. (Note: if the essential oil doesn’t do this, and if you have to drag at the aroma to experience it, then you may not be holding a bottle of pure essential oil.) Drawbacks: this is an expensive way to diffuse. If you leave the bottle opened you will eventually have an empty bottle. Plus, some of the higher notes will flash out of the bottle first, possibly affecting the aroma and effect of the oil remaining in the bottle.

Put a few drops in your bath water

The oil will waft up from the water and diffuse into the room giving you a heavenly spa experience. Drawback: after the bath when you pull the plug most of the essential oil will go down the drain though some will remain in the air for a while but you’ll probably have to leave the bathroom eventually 😉

Use an electric diffuser or mister

There are many different types of electric diffusers and misters on the market and they will diffuse enough to fill a room of different dimensions. Drawback: These diffusers are expensive. They work, yes, but they take a lot of essential oil to fill a space and you may need many to treat each space in your home and workplace.

Put oils on a passive diffuser

Put a few drops on a terra cotta disk or small ceramic (glazed) dish meant to hold essential oil. This will diffuse essential oils as naturally as opening the bottle will. Drawback: the diffuser stays where you leave it so you will have to carry it from room to room.

Put a few drops on a tissue

Freshen the environment quickly and effectively by putting a few drops on a tissue and waving it around. Drawback: Because the tissue does not have any containment faculty, the essential oil will flash off quickly meaning you will have to refresh frequently. And who wants to be doing all that waving around?

Put some on a light bulb ring

These are popular methods of diffusing into a room in your home or office. Drawback: the heat is unnecessary since pure essential oils do not need heat to diffuse. They diffuse naturally, by their very nature.

Use a tea light diffuser

The tea light diffuser has the same drawbacks as using the light bulb ring. It’s just not necessary to use heat.

young woman diffusing essential oils with a Terra Cotta PendantDiffuse with a Terra Cotta Pendant

You knew this was where we were going! Put one drop on a Terra Cotta Pendant and it will diffuse inexpensively wherever you go all day long. And look at the drawbacks for this: None. You use one drop. It diffuses into your personal breathing space wherever you go. It holds and gently, gradually releases the oil from the tiny air pockets. It’s the least expensive diffuser on the market and even if you tuck it in you are still diffusing and enjoying the aroma of the oil you use.

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