How to Change the World with Essential Oils

changing the worldWe all want to change the world, don’t we? We think about it in terms of making huge changes like curing cancer or solving some of life’s biggest mysteries. But we can change the world – every day – in more subtle ways, one person at a time.

We can change the way we feel which changes what we vibrate and that vibration will affect those around us.

We can do all this by wearing our wonderful-smelling, vibration-raising essential oils!

Have you noticed when you are out and about town that when you’re feeling good the service you receive ┬áis always good and the people around you are friendly, yet when you’re not feeling so good often the service is sub-par and you even feel invisible to the people around you?

The correlation between how you’re feeling (what you’re vibrating) and the response from those you meet (what you’re experiencing) is no coincidence. It’s the Law of Attraction in action. And you can raise your vibration by wearing and inhaling pure essential. When your vibration is high, others who are near will come into resonance with you.

Amplify this action by not only wearing essential oils on your skin, but by diffusing them with a Terra Cotta Pendant! When you do this you become a walking diffuser as everyone around you can enjoy the aromas you diffuse!

Note: the difference between diffusing an essential oil on a Terra Cotta Pendant and putting it on your skin is the added element of sharing. The essential oil applied to your skin quickly becomes absorbed but the oil on a Terra Cotta Pendant, though absorbed in the tiny pores of the clay, diffuses outward to the space around it.

In the first instance you enjoy the benefits and for a little while the people around you do too – until the oil is absorbed and no available to others anymore. In the second instance that oil will diffuse for 24 hours and more, depending on which oil you use, making you a generous sharer of aroma for the entire day, wherever you go.

Have a positive impact on people wherever you go by diffusing high quality, pure essential oils on a Terra Cotta Pendant!

Who knew it could be so easy to change the world?

Photo credit: Tata aka T.