The Best Essential Oil Gift for a New Mom

new mom diffusing essential oils on a Terra Cotta Pendant
What is the best essential oil gift for a new mom?

In addition to giving hand-knit gifts for the new baby; sweater sets, stroller blankets, Mom-and-Baby blankets; I love to give the new mom something that is especially for her.

I add two essential oil items to my knitted gift; a bottle of calming essential oil like Lavender and a Footprints Pendant.

Footprints aromatherapy diffuser pendant: the perfect essential oil gift for a new mom

The footprints pendant is a design with two tiny feet, representing the new addition to the family, which makes it the perfect diffuser pendant for a new mom.

When Mom diffuses the essential oil by applying a drop to the pendant and wearing it Baby will be calmed by the aroma when Mom is near. Over time Baby will come to associate the aroma with good feelings of calm, love and nurturing. Even years later the aroma of the oil diffused in those early days will summon these comforting memories.


Which essential oils should you include?

Choose essential oil of Lavender for its calming properties or select a blend  of essential oils specially formulated with calming essential oils.

Essential oil of Lavender has many uses (see eight of my favourites here) but there is a bonus of having Lavender around the nursery: It has been shown in studies to be effective in reducing symptoms of colic in infants when used in massage.

Other essential oils, (Peppermint, Basil, and Helichrysum) have proven (see this article) to be effective in helping people deal with mental exhaustion and moderate burnout. A new, sleep-deprived mom needs all the help she can get!

One more reason to choose the Footprints Pendant

The Footprints pendant comes with this original poem lettered in calligraphy on a parchment card absolutely free:

footprints poem

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