Aromatherapy for a Good Sleep

kitten sleepingCan aromatherapy help you have a good sleep? Is there anything worse than not being able to get to sleep and once there, having a good sleep? Okay, there are some things, but a good sleep, day or night, makes everything else run more smoothly.

A systematic review of published studies on the effects of aromatherapy on sleep quality published on Pub Med has some not-surprising and interesting conclusions and suggestions.

245 studies were identified and out of these 12 were used in the meta analysis. The report states: “Meta-analysis of the 12 studies using a random-effects model revealed that the use of aromatherapy was effective in improving sleep quality” It goes on to say that in both healthy and unhealthy subjects the inhalation method was more effective than aromatherapy massage.

Their conclusion? “Readily available aromatherapy treatments appear to be effective and promote sleep.” Their suggestion: “Thus, it is essential to develop specific guidelines for the efficient use of aromatherapy.”

In order to address an issue, we really need to understand it. What’s the reason you’re not getting a good sleep? For instance, if it is anxiety, this article may be helpful. Essential oils like Lavender, the one used in the study, can have a positive impact even on babies with colic. And if you’re dealing with a colicky baby you need aromatherapy for a good sleep yourself! (Even if your baby is not colicky, chances are you’re a little sleep deprived if you have a baby in the house.)

So how do we manage to inhale essential oils before and during sleep?  We can begin diffusing a calming essential oil on a Terra Cotta Pendant early in the evening so we inhale the oil and start the relaxation process. Then we can lay the Terra Cotta Pendant on the nightstand so that essential oil will diffuse into the bedroom all night long.

But there’s more! This study found that inhaling Lavender at night time relieved sleepiness upon awakening.

Do you use aromatherapy for a good sleep?

Photo Credit: elycefeliz