Animal Totems: The Bee!

Are you Familiar with Animal Totems?

If you’re not familiar with animal totems, check it out here and here and if you are (or after you visit those pages) read on to see why the newest design in the Totem category is the Bee!

The beautiful Terra Cotta Pendant Bee design

I knew bees were crucially important to our survival on this planet because of their ability to pollinate our plants, [Read: we need to save the bees!] but I had no idea, until I did some research for this post, that they are relevant as well on a completely different level. Bees, you see, are all about community.

Let’s go deeper and explore the meaning of the Bee totem. What does it mean when a bee comes buzzing around you? What characteristics can you affirm by diffusing essential oils with our new Bee pendant. Let’s see!

What Does the Bee Symbolize?

1) Bees symbolize community and teamwork; people working together for the good of the collective (and its survival). What is my Spirit Animal asks “Are you shouldering heavy burdens? Do you need help pollinating new ideas and projects? Is your soul seeking a community to which you can belong? Bee Spirit can help!”  They say the Bee is a spirit totem for those who want to “coexist in peace and love.”

2) Bees remind us to tend to the garden of the heart, of our lives. Are we tending to it as well as we could? Avia at What’s Your Sign asks, “What kinds of beauty can we visit in order to allow growth in our hearts, dreams, minds and emotions?”

3) Bees produce honey as a result of their hard work. Where do we need to work harder in life to produce our gold? Bees are an aid when you want to manifest abundance!

4) This site says Bees are a good luck charm for love!

Say What!?

The Bee is a symbol of abundance, love, community, teamwork, celebration, fertility and industriousness. Are you convinced that the Bee Terra Cotta Pendant is the one to wear and diffuse essential oils with every day!?!? I hope so because after researching the qualities and symbolism of the Bee, I certainly am!