Would You Like to Join Team TCP?

affiliate program

Do you use, independently distribute, retail or just plain love essential oils? Do you have an eCommerce web site, a blog, a Facebook page, or a page in one of the many other social media forums? And one more question, are you a person who promotes products you believe in?

Well, what are you waiting for? Join Team TCP – become an affiliate! You can earn 15% on orders that come through your affiliate link!

How does it work?

  1. You  sign up here or click on the photo above!
  2. You log in to the account you create, click on “Ads” and select one or two banners to put on your sites or in an email.
  3. You write about your love for Terra Cotta Pendants on your site, page or in email (or all three) and encourage people to click on your affiliate link.
  4. When someone comes through your link and places an order you will have earned a 15% commission on the amount the customer pays (not on shipping or tax) and you will receive an email letting you know.
  5. Early the following month when your commissions have reached $15.00 you will receive a PayPal payment for your commissions.

Some tips and tricks:

1) The most successful affiliates are the ones who make a personal recommendation near their affiliate link. People know you; this is why they click your banner. They do not know us yet. 🙂 Once they arrive on our site we will do our best to make them feel at home and encourage the sale but your pre-selling work is most important. Share why you love Terra Cotta Pendants!


2) Sign up for the Special Contacts List where you will hear about our Specials. Promoting the Specials is a great way to increase your chances of encouraging clicks and sales.


3) Turn any page on our site into your affiliate link, Here’s how:

If your affiliate ID is ILOVEOILS and you want to turn this page;


into your personal affiliate link

simply adjust it by adding >>>> ?ap_id=ILOVEOILS <<<<to the end of the address. It will look like this:


Then copy and paste the link onto your site or into an email.


4) Read the complete Terms and Conditions here.


And you can always reach me through this page.