8 Simple Ways to Use Essential Oil of Peppermint

peppermintNext to Lavender oil, I’d have to choose Peppermint as my most useful essential oil. Why? Peppermint is known for its positive effects on the respiratory system, the digestive system and more. Here are 8 ways to use Peppermint.1) When studying or driving and want to stay focused (and awake) diffuse Peppermint to inhale it’s aroma

2) For heartburn put one drop of pure essential oil of Peppermint into a glass and fill it with water. Either sip it or chug it depending on how bad the heartburn is and how fast you want to clear it!

3) For fresh flavourful drinking water, put one drop of Peppermint in a jug and fill it with water.

4) For an upset stomach rub Peppermint right on the tummy

5) Peppermint is effective against car sickness or nausea. Inhale!

6) Need an emotional boost? Peppermint is an uplifting essential oil, known as “the happy oil”

7) For clogged sinuses Peppermint is powerful, Inhale it directly from the bottle and keep plenty of tissue around

8) Peppermint is powerful for clearing a headache. Just put a bit on your forehead where you feel the headache being careful not to touch your eyes.

And of course, you can diffuse Peppermint with a Terra Cotta Pendant!

What are your favourite ways to use Peppermint oil?

Photo credit: Michael Lehet