8 Simple Ways to Use Essential Oil of Lavender

lavender fieldLavender oil was the first essential oil purchase I made. I was fortunate to be introduced to a company that produced the finest essential oil of Lavender! You need to be sure you have pure, organic, true essential oil. Imitation chemical-cut, and adulterated versions of essential oil of Lavender are far too common.

Lavender has many beautiful properties which give us a clue of its applications. According to the Essential Oil Desk Reference by Gary Young: Lavender is “antiseptic, analgesic, anti-tumoral, anticonvulsant, sedative, anti-inflammatory.” It is excellent for the treatment of burns as it promotes tissue regeneration and speeds up healing.

Personally, I’ve used essential oil of Lavender for…

1) Sore throats (rubbing it on my neck where my throat is sore)

2) Burns (getting it on the burn ASAP)

3) Headaches (inhaling it and putting it on my forehead where I feel the pain)

4) Sore muscles (rub it on)

5) A soothing bath (one drop under running water as I’m filling the tub)

6) Sunburns (directly applying it to the burn)

7) Stress (diffusing it with a pendant diffuser)

8) Insomnia (putting a drop on my pillow)

I wear Lavender as a perfume – just rubbing a bit on my wrists. And of course, I diffuse it with my Terra Cotta Pendant!
LAVENDER Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklace

The aroma of Lavender is fresh, uplifting, exotic and calming.

Lavender has so many beautiful properties that it is known as the “Universal oil”. When in doubt use Lavender oil but make sure it’s the purest Lavender you can find!

Photo credit: possumgirl2