8 Reasons You Need This Essential Oil Accessory

The Essential Essential Oil Accessory

Model wearing the essential essential oil accessory, a Terra Cotta Pendant.

Whether you are an Independent Distributor of essential oils or a retailer there is one essential oil accessory you can’t afford to be without. You need personal necklace diffusers for your clientele, something that will get them diffusing essential oils with their very first purchase. You need to sell Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser necklaces. Why?

1   When people buy essential oils, especially for the first time, they are often unclear on how to use them. If people don’t know how to use them they won’t use them and then they won’t enjoy the benefits. A bottle of essential oil needs an essential oil accessory that will ensure the customer enjoys the benefits of that essential oil, every little drop of benefits!

2  Terra Cotta Pendants are inexpensive: $8.00 – $11.00 Canadian, retail, and available at wholesale prices–to anyone–when they buy 20 pieces or more. (Wholesale discount is 50% off.)

3  Terra Cotta Pendants are practical. Put a drop on in the morning and your good for a day–or two! You don’t have to think about it after that!

4  Terra Cotta Pendants are hands-free. Nothing to pull out of a pocket and inhale, nothing to uncap or move around. It just diffuses into your personal breathing space all on its own because the kiln-fired terra cotta allows the essential oil to be exposed to the air and from there it flashes off naturally, as essential oils do.

5  Terra Cotta Pendants are tuck-in-able. (I know, I made up that word but it works. 🙂 You can wear one every day because you can discretely tuck it in on days you want to wear that perfectly-round lava stone you picked up on a beach in Santorini and had an artist wire-wrap it for you. (Maybe that’s just me 😮 ) You want to diffuse every day but do you want to wear the same type of necklace every day? With a light-weight, thin and flat Terra Cotta Pendant with an adjustable-length cord, you can tuck in your Terra Cotta Pendant and still be diffusing wherever you go.

6  Terra Cotta Pendants are durable. You don’t have to worry about breaking it, or about letting your children wear one.  Terra Cotta Pendants are made with kiln-fired clay – hard as rock and light as air!

7  Terra Cotta Pendants are personal. You can choose the aroma you want, treating the very air you breathe with the essential oil you want to have an impact on your day. Did I mention, wherever you go? I thought I might have. 🙂

8 Terra Cotta Pendants are great for your kids. Want to send your child to school diffusing the particular essential oils you know will be a positive influence on him or her (you know; focus, calm, clarity)? Kids love Terra Cotta Pendants! Give them a good start to their day, all day, and, say it with me….wherever they go!

SOWULO Terra Cotta Pendant diffuser design.


We started making Terra Cotta Pendants in 2003 when we recognized the need for an inexpensive yet effective diffuser, an essential oil accessory that makes it easy to enjoy the benefits of essential oils through inhalation. Now, twelve years later, we have over 85 different pendant designs of such high quality you will swear they were made by a machine. They weren’t. They were made lovingly by hand. Every single one.

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