4 Ways to Make Diffusing Essential Oils a Part of Your Daily Routine

Debbie diffusing essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

How Do You Enjoy the Benefits of Diffusing Essential Oils Daily?

Diffusing essential oils is a wonderful way to enjoy these balancing, healing, uplifting substances from nature’s bounty. But once we distil them and get them into the bottle and then buy that bottle, their benefits are useless to us unless we use them. When you know about the benefits of essential oils you want to use them on a daily basis to enjoy these benefits. But how?

Four Ways to Diffuse Throughout the Day–and Night

1) In the morning look at your stash of essential oils and allow your intuition to guide you in choosing one for the day. Apply a drop to your Terra Cotta Pendant and wear.

In my workshops, I often passed around a tray of essential oils and ask people to choose a bottle without knowing which oil they were choosing. Then we would read from the reference guide about the oil they had chosen. Invariably, and surprisingly to them, the oil they had chosen was exactly what they needed at the time.

2) In the evening hang up the pendant you were wearing all day and select a soothing, calming oil for a second pendant. Wear and diffuse this oil as you settle in to relax or as you rush to prepare a meal for a hungry, busy family.

3) Do you have a practice of meditation? Using a special oil for meditation will help you to get into the routine, signalling the brain that this is meditation time. Inhale a few deep breaths from the bottle, or apply some to a Terra Cotta Pendant and diffuse while meditating.

4) Hang the pendant you wore in the evening on your bedpost or over a lamp for a good night’s sleep.

How do you make diffusing essential oils a part of your daily routine?