13 Years and Counting

The Runes, some of the original Terra Cotta Pendant designs

The Runes, some of the original Terra Cotta Pendant designs

It’s hard to believe, and it makes me very nostalgic (and miss Alex so much), but thirteen years ago we were huddled around the kitchen table in our old house, the four of us; Auguste, Natasha (then 16) and Alex (14), and I, discussing the possibility of starting a family business making wearable diffusers, Terra Cotta Pendants.  It was a collaboration like none other and it set in motion a force that was to unite us as a family even when Natasha and Alex were away at university.

Thirteen years and many many, pendants later, we’re still here – and look! So are you! We still love this business; the connections made with awesome people all over the world. We love every aspect of the Terra Cotta Pendant business from the cutting and tying of the cords to the shaping of the clay into nearly 100 pieces, to the carrying of the parcels to the Post Office and sending them on their way to you!

I hope you’re on our Special Contacts List so we can keep you up with the latest and continue to pamper you with specials and exclusive offers. (You can pick up the popular report when you sign up; Ten Essential Oils You’ll Want to Diffuse – and Why!

Finally, we want to thank you for accompanying us on this journey and for sending photos of you diffusing with a Terra Cotta Pendant all over the world! (I know; I already said that but I really like that part 😉 Take care, and keep on diffusing with the original Terra Cotta Pendants, made with love for you!

The first Christmas

The four of us Christmas 2005