10 Reasons to Diffuse Essential Oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant

There are many reasons to diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant. Are you missing out on these benefits? Watch the video or just read below!

  1. Terra Cotta Pendants are made with the best diffusing material- kiln fired terra cotta clay. The kiln firing process evaporates all the moisture from the clay leaving tiny air pockets throughout. These air pockets have the capacity to hold essential oils and yet at the same time expose them to the air so they can do what they naturally do, diffuse.
  2. Terra Cotta Pendants are hands-free – apply a drop and forget about it – for the remainder of the day!
  3. Terra Cotta Pendants are economical. You can even purchase them at 50% off – when you buy 20 – and have a different one for every day of the week – for nearly 3 weeks!
  4. Terra Cotta Pendants are not fragile. They are lightweight-yet durable.
  5. Terra Cotta Pendants make diffusing mobile. Wherever you go your diffuser goes with you!
  6. Terra Cotta Pendants remind you every morning to wear essential oils, bringing their benefits into your day
  7. Terra Cotta Pendants not only have an impact on how you feel, they affect the people around you.
  8. Terra Cotta Pendants can help you build your business. They make the oils visible and offer an ice-breaker to start a conversation
  9. Terra Cotta Pendants can also help you give your prospect a measurable experience of essential oils, letting his or her own experience affirm their benefits. See how to do this here!
  10. We’ve been making Terra Cotta Pendants since 2003. It began as a family business but as the kids have grown and left the nest it is now a husband-wife business. Each Terra Cotta Pendant, though professionally made, is still made by hand, lovingly so. Over 85 designs await your shopping pleasure!

What are your favourite reasons to diffuse essential oils with a Terra Cotta Pendant?